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DEV Community

A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. With you every step of your journey.

CodeNewbie Community 🌱

The most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.

Forem Creators and Builders 🌱

A place where we build Forem together

The Ops Community ⚙️

The Ops Community is a place for cloud engineers of all experience levels to share tips & tricks, tutorials, and career insights.

The Interledger Community 🌱

A place to discuss all things Interledger

Wasm Builders 🧱

Learn, connect, and showcase everything to do with WebAssembly; an emerging technology powering web, cloud, IOT, and more!

Web Components Community 🔷

The Community Platform for Web Components Users and Developers

Julia Community 🟣

Discuss, write about, and share Julia programming language content.

Tidelift ✨

Welcome to the Tidelift Community, an open space for open source contributors, maintainers, and OSS supply chain professionals to learn, ...

COSS Community 🌱

The COSS community for open-source builders, founders, consumers, investors and fans!

Metapunk Community

We’re a community where blockchain builders and makers, web3 devs, and metaverse creators can connect, learn and share 🦙

This MMA Life Community

Welcome to the only MMA community built for content creators. Join us and create your first blog, post or comment and start building your...


A global community of passionate hip-hop fans.

Finding Flowstate

We’re a community focused on the mental health, fitness and general well-being of the DEV and tech community.

AWS Newbie Tips Community

An AWS newbies community. Our goal is to get you going from zero to something and then watch you flourish ❤️

Development Hackers

Work together to build impactful tech solutions for global problems

Type Overflow

Where developers create, learn, and share.