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Web Monetization Community

A place to discuss all things Web Monetization.

Meta Punk

We are a decentralized metaverse community where the metaverse, digital artists, developers and traders come together to learn, connect a...

The Elastic Guru

AWS lifestyle and community ❤️ for newbies and others that need a re/Start 🌈


Peer-to-peer developer advocacy education & mentorship. Helping developers pursue a career in #DevRel or leverage their new skills for pr...

Development Hackers

Work together to build impactful tech solutions for global problems

CodeNewbie Community

The most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.

DEV Community

A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. With you every step of your journey.

This MMA Life Community

The only mainstream ready decentralized MMA community.

Forem Creators and Builders

A place where we build Forem together


A global community of passionate hip-hop fans.

The Community Club

The Community Club - Whether you're an experienced community manager, just starting out, a founder building a community-driven business, ...

COSS Community

The COSS community for open-source builders, founders, consumers, investors and fans!


We're a fitness, lifestyle and wellbeing community where flowstate, fitness, wellbeing and good health is shared by all. Join us and let'...

The Relicans

The Relicans is a place for learners, teachers and creators. We’re here to help each other improve and build welcoming, inclusive communi...


A community for discovering, sharing and learning about sustainable living.


A community about your favourite editor, VS Code


MeLand.ai is the first Learn-to-Earn decentralized platform where players can challenge quizzes, create quizzes, build, own and monetize ...